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What is WORTH?

WORTH is a program that educates and empowers you to understand your unique identity, learn the value of your sexuality, and discover practical ways to have healthy relationships. We want to educate and inspire you with the information and resources that you need to choose a lifestyle of sexual integrity as a key component to a healthy, whole life.

Our goal is to help millennials make practical life decisions to change their lives to change their stories for the better.



Worth Student

WORTH: Student is a study in sexual risk avoidance as a key component to a healthy, whole life. It is a 5-lesson curriculum, which can also be tailored to fit any timeframe (as needed). The study teaches the what, why, and how of choosing a lifestyle of sexual integrity.


Worth Parent

WORTH: Parent is a holistic and interactive class that encourages and equips parents in communicating with their children about the value and benefits of a lifestyle of sexual risk avoidance. This program is offered to parents or organizational leaders as a tool to explore what the Bible says about sex and sexuality. During WORTH, parents will learn: practical language and tools for having “the talk,” the “whys” of sexual integrity, the value of cultivating positive internal/external assets, and many other helpful hints and tools.



Worth Club

RCC WORTH Club: Meets every other Wednesday,

11:45am-1:15pm in RCC Student Services Lounge area.


WORTH Club @ the Coffee Exchange: Coming Soon…

EQUIP Discipleship Classes

What is the story of your life? Through EQUIP: Disciple, a generation will be inspired, equipped, and unleashed to live life on purpose for a purpose. In a mentoring environment, you will learn to make practical life decisions to change your story for the better.

Call or email for more info: 336-629-9988 or clientser@yourchoicesrandolph.org

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You have a lot of choices in life, and if you’re considering becoming sexually active or think you might be pregnant, some of your choices may seem confusing. We’re here to help you know everything you think you need to know to make empowered and informed decisions.
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