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Become a parent. 

Doing life with family.


Becoming a parent is one of the most challenging and rewarding life experiences you will ever encounter. You are this child’s whole life. They love you, you love them. They challenge you, you challenge them. They bring you joy, you bring them joy. They are yours, you are theirs. 

The number one need of all parents is support. You need someone to be there to walk with you through this journey. Do you have that? We want to be a support for you.

Questions to consider

Can family members help you with your child, i.e., financially, living arrangements and childcare?

If you are single, is marrying the father/mother an option? Why or why not? Would you consider pre-marital counseling together?

What type of support is your partner able to provide?

Would you consider government assistance, such as WIC or Medicaid?


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You have a lot of choices in life, and if you’re considering becoming sexually active or think you might be pregnant, some of your choices may seem confusing. We’re here to help you know everything you think you need to know to make empowered and informed decisions.

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