Online ordering is very appealing and convenient, but is it safe to order abortion pills online?  The Federal Drug Administration has a warning on its website about the dangers of purchasing abortion pills online.  They warn “If a person does so, they would be bypassing important safeguards specifically designed to protect their health.”  The FDA goes on to say that when ordering these pills online, “the FDA cannot ensure safety, effectiveness, or quality of those medications.”
Considering the FDA warning, here are some risks for you to think through before purchasing abortion pills online:
1 – No Medical Oversight
When ordering abortion pills online, there is a risk of experiencing complications such as excessive bleeding or infection caused by an incomplete abortion.  There are also many health conditions where chemical abortions would not be safe and therefore the risk of complications is greater.  Being under the care of a licensed medical professional is important for your safety. 
2 – Non FDA Approved Drugs
As stated above, the FDA has a clear warning about purchasing the abortion pill online.  These pills are most often manufactured in other countries with less safety regulations.  The convenience of ordering online and taking medication that cannot be ensured for safety, effectiveness, or quality is not worth the risk to your health.   
3 – Incomplete Abortion
The abortion pill is prescribed to women who are ten weeks or less in their pregnancy.  These pills are not safe to take with pregnancies that are past this point and would be at a higher risk of serious complications.   
In conclusion, it is not safe to purchase abortion pills online.  You deserve better health care.  Be safe and make an appointment to get an ultrasound.