In June 2022, the overturning of Roe vs Wade sent abortion rights decisions back to individual state governments.

As of July 1, 2023, a new law went into effect in North Carolina reducing the limit for obtaining abortions from 20 weeks to 12 weeks 6 days and added some new policies and guidelines around abortion.

If you are confused about the new law, you are not alone. Below are some common questions you might have that are answered by one of the nurses at Your Choices Randolph.


1. How do I know if I fall within the 12 weeks for an abortion?

  • Gestational age (what we call the age of the pregnancy) is determined initially from your first day of your last menstrual period (LMP), however, many times women are unable to accurately remember their LMP, or the pregnancy and conception (when you conceived) does not line up with your LMP once an ultrasound is performed.
  • The best way to date your pregnancy is to have an ultrasound (around 6 weeks) by a certified technician or nurse. Your Choices Randolph offers this service free of charge after a positive pregnancy test.


2. What type of abortion can I get?

  • Medication Abortion
    • The abortion pill is approved by the FDA for pregnancies through 10 weeks (70 days). Generally, it is prescribed as 2 different pills (Mifepristone/RU-486 and Misoprostol) to be taken at different times during the abortion process. On occasion misoprostol alone may be prescribed.
      • It is important to follow directions for how and when to take these pills properly, know the side effects, and when to seek medical attention.
  • Surgical or Procedural abortion
    • Can be performed through 12 weeks 6 days.
      • As the abortion pill has gained popularity, surgical abortions are generally only used if pregnancy is beyond 10 weeks, or if your doctor says the pills are not a good choice for you, or the pills were not effective.

Note: Know before you go- Both types of abortions have risks to your health and potential damaging side effects. Your Choices Randolph can provide you with information about both options so you can make an informed decision.

3. Are there exceptions to the new laws 12-week limit?

  • Yes, there are a few exceptions to allow for an abortion beyond 12 weeks. Those are:
    • Up to 20 weeks for rape and incest
    • Up to 24 weeks for “life-limiting” fetal anomalies
    • Without limit if a physician determines that the mother’s life is in danger due to a medical emergency


4. What if I am beyond 12 weeks or unsure of how far along I am?

  • It is very common for gestational age of pregnancy to differ from when the LMP occurred. An ultrasound will help verify how far along your pregnancy is and that it is in the right location. A pregnancy in an unknown location (most commonly the fallopian tubes called ectopic) may be a life-threatening emergency.
  • At Your Choices Randolph, we will give you all the information you need to help you in making an informed decision regarding your pregnancy.
    • You will receive a medical grade urine pregnancy test, a limited OB ultrasound from an RN, and meet with a trained coach to discuss your options and pregnancy decision.


5. What other parts of the new bill should I be aware of if considering abortion?

  • Expect to have 2 appointments: There is a 72-hour waiting period between your first appointment where you will receive and sign informed consents and when you may return for the abortion procedure.
  • Insurance/Medicaid will not cover a typical abortion unless there are extenuating circumstances determined by your OB.
  • If you are under 18 you will need parental consent for the abortion.
    • An unplanned pregnancy is scary to tell your parents. Your Choices Randolph can help you have this conversation. Ask us how.
  • Medication abortions will still need to be initiated in person from a prescribing physician.
    • North Carolina does not allow abortion pills to be ordered online (from a US pharmacy/doctor) or to get them at a local pharmacy as some other state laws allow.
    • We strongly recommend avoiding ordering any abortion pills you may find online for the following reasons:
      • They most likely comr from another country, without the same regulations and safeguards.
      • There is no way to verify the medication you are receiving is what you ordered and not a “sugar pill” or something else that could harm you.
      • The directions may be unclear or missing altogether.
      • There is also a good chance you may be past the 10-week window by the time they arrive in the mail.
      • For more information about the abortion pill click here

Making a decision around an unexpected pregnancy is not easy, but you don’t have to do it alone or uninformed.

At Your Choices Randolph we are equipped to provide you with options coaching, up to date abortion information, and FREE limited medical services from our medical staff including a pregnancy test, limited OB ultrasound, and limited STI testing. We do not perform or refer for abortions, but we are committed to walking with you through this tough situation and helping you make an informed decision.

For an appointment, please call or text 336-629-9988.