If you decide to reach out to a clinic that offers abortions, here are a few questions to ask them before allowing them to perform the procedure.

1. Does the clinic provide counseling with medically accurate information on the abortion procedure?
a. Do they go over the types of abortion and explain the procedure in detail so you are fully informed about the procedure you will be undergoing?


2. Will the clinic provide information about the provider performing the procedure prior to the appointment, so that you can check licensing status and reviews?
a. Most clinics don’t allow cell phone usage inside the building so you need the provider’s name beforehand so you can look up this information before you arrive When seeking any type of surgical procedure, whether it’s an abortion or even just shoulder surgery, you want to know that you are in good hands and that the provider performing the procedure is competent, has a good success rate, and has a low surgical infection rate.

3. Will I be able to speak in private with the doctor about my circumstances and any questions that I have regarding the procedure?

a. You should expect to have your questions answered and get the opportunity to speak privately with the doctor if you’d like that. If the clinic won’t provide that for you, be very cautious. They are not considering what’s best for you.

4. Does that doctor have admitting rights to your local hospital in case complications occur?

a. Without this, you may not receive the care you need if a complication arises.

5. Has the clinic been found to be in violation of any state laws or received any patient complaints?

a. ANY complaints are a cause for concern, and violations of state laws are a big deal. You probably wouldn’t go to a restaurant with bad ratings – why trust your body to a clinic with them?

6. Will I feel any pain? If so, what type of pain control measures will be taken such as local anesthesia, sedation, or general anesthesia?

a. You should be informed accurately about the level of pain you will experience during and after the procedure. 

7. Will the clinic test you for STI’s?
a. Any surgical procedure can be complicated by infection and having an untreated infection can also increase your risk of future infertility issues as well as the risk of an ectopic pregnancy.


8. Who should I contact if I experience any issues following the abortion?
a. Is there a triage line that you can call with any questions following the abortion or if any complications arise? You want an after-hours number, as well.


9. Will the clinic give me any information about possible physical or emotional after-effects of the abortion?
a. Do they explain side effects that you should expect or possible adverse effects for you to be aware of? Will they tell you what to do if those issues arise? Do they go over any long-term effects, both physically and mentally following an abortion, such as possibly infertility, anxiety and depression, sexual dysfunction, substance abuse, suicidal thoughts, and avoidance of emotional attachment?

Everyone responds differently to abortion, so if you find yourself struggling after, please reach out to Your Choices Randolph at 336-629-9988 and we can provide information about the post abortion services that we provide.