Waiting is hard. Whether it something you’re hoping for or something you don’t even want to think about, that period of waiting can be gut-wrenching. The time between unprotected sex and the day you can finally take a test can produce those same feelings. We get it. To alleviate some of that tension for you, we wrote this blog to answer some frequently asked questions about the timing of a pregnancy test.


How soon can I test for pregnancy?

You will get the most reliable pregnancy test result if you wait until the day after your expected period. Your body begins to produce HCG (a pregnancy hormone) when a baby implants into the lining of your uterus. To get a positive result, there has to be a detectable amount of HCG in your urine. For that to happen, you must wait long enough between implantation and the date that you take a pregnancy test.

The infographic below from verywellfamily.com sheds some light on when to test in order to get an accurate result. As you can see, you can test sooner than 1 day after your missed period but you run the risk of getting a false result; early testing increases your risk of getting an incorrect result. If you test too soon, there may not be enough HCG in your urine to result in a positive test. Accurate results are important, so waiting until the day after your missed period is the advice that we give confidently.

Which test works the soonest?

Some pregnancy tests are marketed as “early detection” or “early response.” Those tests detect a smaller amount of HCG than regular tests, so they can potentially pick up the pregnancy hormone before other tests. These tests are sometimes more expensive than other pregnancy tests that are to be used the day after your missed period.


When do I test if I have an irregular period or I’m not sure when to expect my period?

Some women have polycystic ovary syndrome, endometriosis, or other medical conditions that impact their menstrual cycles. Other women’s menstrual cycles are affected by stress or being under or overweight. Regardless of the cause, having an irregular period can make pinpointing a certain day to test feel a lot more confusing. A great rule of thumb is to wait 21 days after unprotected sex. That gives your body enough time to produce a measurable amount of HCG, if you are in fact pregnant.

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