“I’m pregnant!? This can’t be!!! I’m freaking out! I CANNOT have a baby right now!”
If you are having similar feelings, thinking about an abortion, or have made an appointment at a clinic, then this next information is for you. We want to help you stay informed and be empowered throughout this process.
If you have an appointment scheduled, you may have been told that you will need an ultrasound prior to your abortion procedure. You may be asking “Why? Does it really matter?”
The answer is “Yes, it matters!” If you want to make the best decision for your health and well-being, an ultrasound is a necessary first step. Read on for a few reasons why.
To Rule Out An Ectopic Pregnancy
An ectopic pregnancy occurs when the pregnancy is outside of the uterus, typically, in the fallopian tubes. This type of pregnancy can be life-threatening to the mother if not treated by a licensed medical professional. An abortion focuses on emptying the uterus, and since an ectopic pregnancy is not located there, an abortion will not be effective.
To Determine if Your Pregnancy is Viable
According to Mayo Clinic, up to 20% of pregnancies are not viable and will end in miscarriage. ‘Viability’ refers to whether the fetus is alive and has a chance at survival. We determine viability through ultrasound by looking for a beating heart and a pregnancy growing inside the uterus. A trained nurse or sonographer will be able to detect a heartbeat as early as 6 weeks from your menstrual period. If you do not have a viable pregnancy you will likely miscarry, and you can avoid the unnecessary expense and health risk associated with an abortion.
To Find Out How Far Along You Are in the Pregnancy
Abortion procedures (and the costs for them) vary based on how far along you are in your pregnancy. You may have a good idea based on your last menstrual period, but many factors can affect your ovulation cycle. The date you got pregnant could be earlier or later by 1-2 weeks. An ultrasound will help determine more accurate information about the age of pregnancy.
It’s the Law
In North Carolina it is law that all women have an ultrasound prior to an abortion. Abortion clinics will provide this service for you… at a cost. Your Choices Randolph provides ultrasounds free of charge to all of our clients.
If you would like someone to walk with you, educating and supporting you through this process, or would like to schedule an ultrasound by a medical professional AT NO COST please call or text 336-629-9988.
Written by Krista Spencer, RN.
Your Choices Randolph does not perform or refer for abortions.