If you have heard Your Choices Randolph now offers ultrasounds to our clients, you heard right! Our Nurse Manager, Krista Spencer, RN, has completed training and is qualified to perform limited confirmation ultrasounds. YCR is also in the process of training other nurses to expand availability of appointment times. Krista is here to answer some of our Frequently Asked Questions about ultrasounds at Your Choices Randolph.
Frequently Asked Questions
What do you check for with a limited ultrasound?
Our scans are performed to provide you with a confirmation of a viable pregnancy. There are 3 specific things we look for to establish viability:
  1. We confirm that the pregnancy is inside the uterus.
  2. We measure the baby’s heart rate.
  3. We take measurements to determine gestational age, which is how far along the pregnancy is.
How is the ultrasound performed?
We always start abominably using our ultrasound gel and probe on the lower stomach area. If the nurse is unable to get a clear image abominably (as is the case in some early pregnancies or based on body type/anatomy) she may discuss the option to change to an internal (vaginal) probe. This will happen only with your permission and a chaperone in the room. You will be covered with a drape sheet and the nurse will explain every step to you. If you choose not to allow an internal probe, we will do our best to see what we can abominably.
How much is the ultrasound?
Our ultrasounds are provided free to our clients.
How do I qualify for an ultrasound at YCR?
You must be between 6-14 weeks pregnant based on your last menstrual period (LMP). There must be a proof of pregnancy form from YCR or another medical facility (Emergency Department, Urgent Care).
If I got a positive home pregnancy test does that count as a proof of pregnancy?
Unfortunately not. Proof of pregnancy must come from a medical facility such as an Emergency Room, Health Department, urgent care, physician’s office, or another pregnancy center. However, YCR does offer free lab quality pregnancy tests that can be administered in our office!
Is there anything that would disqualify me from having an ultrasound?
We encourage you to come in for your initial consultation with a coach and they will determine when you are eligible for an ultrasound and schedule an appointment for a future date. We will not provide an ultrasound if:
  • You have an IUD or history of a tubal ligation (tubes tied) we will not be able to perform an ultrasound at our office and you will need to seek care elsewhere, as soon as possible.
  • You are experiencing vaginal bleeding or abdominal cramping.
  • Your last menstrual period dates you to be less than 6 weeks or beyond 14 weeks (2nd trimester).
  • You are earlier than 6 weeks or unsure of how far along you are.
Do I need an appointment?
It is best to call or text us first so we can schedule an appointment for an ultrasound.
Is there any paperwork to fill out?
Yes, we will have you fill out some forms including a consent form and a medical history form when you come in for your appointment. We will also have some further questions for you in person.
Are there any instructions I need to know prior to my appointment?
An abdominal ultrasound in early pregnancy provides the best screening if you have a full bladder. We ask that you drink 20-24 ounces of water or clear fluids (no caffeine please) one hour before your ultrasound and not to empty your bladder during this time.
Can I bring someone with me?
Of course! We encourage it! You may invite up to 2 support persons to be in the room with you.
Will I get pictures?
We spend the first part of the ultrasound checking for the 3 key things as mentioned above (pregnancy in uterus, fetal heart rate, and gestational age measurements), but after we are done with that we will try our best to get you some images to take with you.
Do you determine gender?
No, we do not do ultrasounds for the purpose of determining gender. Our scans are limited to 14 weeks gestation based on your last menstrual period and it is difficult to tell gender until 18+ weeks. Your OB will schedule a diagnostic/anatomy ultrasound at some point after 18 weeks, where gender can be determined.
Can you tell me if something is wrong with my pregnancy?
Our ultrasound is limited in its scope and is not a diagnostic ultrasound. If we see anything that is not normally what we see when checking for viability, we will explain this to you and send you to a hospital or an OB office for further evaluation.
Can I have more than one ultrasound?
We do not provide prenatal care here in our office. Once we have established viability and gestational age of your pregnancy, we encourage you to seek follow up care with an OB/GYN who will follow you throughout your pregnancy. The exceptions would be the following:
  1. If we find that the pregnancy is too early in our initial scan and we are unable to determine viability of the fetus (no heartbeat seen, unable to take measurements)
  2. If we ask for ultrasound models as nurses are training to become proficient with their scans.
I hope this was helpful in answering some of your questions about our ultrasounds!
Please call us or text us for an appointment at 336-629-9988 and we will be happy to help you.
Krista Spencer, RN
Nurse Manager at Your Choices Randolph