Two years ago, I joined the Your Choices Randolph team, and in these two years, the YCR community has become family.  Something special, unique, and inviting exists at 110 East Walker Avenue. I believe part of that “something” is authenticity. Authenticity doesn’t just exist among staff. I have seen firsthand how clients are positively impacted by a community of support when they enter our doors.
I have interacted with numerous clients who brought anxiety, fear, uncertainty, and confusion into our office. From the first moments they come in, we strive to make clients and their families feel comfortable and ease hesitations they may be experiencing. At the conclusion of these appointments, I also get to see many of these same clients exit our office in a much different place. They are more relaxed and confident, evidenced by their words, their tears (the good ones), and their smiles. I credit this to the authentic community of staff and volunteers.  This quality sets our services apart from others.
To potential clients, be assured that if you choose YCR to receive services, you will be greeted by an authentic community, one that genuinely cares about you and your needs.
We stand on pillars of confidentiality, hospitality, and excellence as we provide evidence-based education and services to all clients. We assist you with navigating an unplanned pregnancy, fractured relationship, or destructive behavior.
Choosing YCR means that you are choosing to receive services at a place where you feel welcome, heard, cared for, supported, and empowered. We will advocate for you and your overall well-being, as we are encouragers in your corner, and we desire for you to move toward wholeness and healthy living.
Mary Needham, Operations Manager