For many of us, the start of a new year sparks the desire for new beginnings. We seek a fresh start in one or more areas in our lives. We may find ourselves discouraged with our physical health, so we start devising plans for increased physical activity and healthy meal preps. We may be dissatisfied with cram-packed schedules that leave no room for rest and family time, so we establish certain days and times to unplug and decompress. We may be discontent with the nature of our emotional and spiritual lives, so we create spaces for quiet time and self-reflection. Whatever the case may be, we start the year with a renewed, zealous pursuit to see change in our lives. But soon after, and sometimes very soon after, the pursuit toward these goals seems less achievable and less desirable for lots of us, and we return to our the way things were.
At YCR, we meet with women and men of all ages, from a variety of contexts, in our office, in schools, and in other groups. And something we have learned is that it is too easy for all people, regardless of different backgrounds or situations in life, to return to old patterns and habits instead of taking a new and different direction. Like most of
the goals we set for ourselves at the beginning of a new year, the new directions can grow us in positive ways and lead us toward healthier lives. At first, we desire these new directions, new ways of living, and new ways of thinking, but we discover it takes hard work. It takes commitment. It may involve us getting uncomfortable. And instead of us persevering and fighting through the difficulties and challenges, we go back to our typical because it’s easier.
It’s normal for us to take the easier roads in life, avoiding the ones that require more of us, even if the more difficult roads are the very ones that will lead us somewhere great. As we start this new year, YCR desires to see people choose new, different, life-giving directions. YCR wants to see people turn away from unhealthy or destructive life patterns and move toward wholeness and healthiness. We want to see people experience new beginnings, and these new beginnings are only a choice away.
Mary Needham
Operations Manager