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From time to time, as a board and staff we evaluate what we are doing to reach abortion-minded clients. Women in an unwanted pregnancy feel there is no way out of their situation except to head to the local abortion clinic. They desperately need someone to come alongside them to show them there is hope and help.

In the Triad area, 50 to 100 abortions are performed weekly. It’s the leading cause of death in Greensboro! Abortions are allowed up to 20 weeks and 1 in 3 women have abortions in their lifetime. 73% of those women identify themselves as Christians!

Statistics vary, but there is no question that many times women change their minds about having an abortion once they see their child via an ultrasound screening.

For that reason, our focus for the rest of 2018 is to implement ultrasound screenings by the end of the year, if possible. This will take extra people, a number of important steps to become a medical facility, and an increase in our donor base. But we believe that what God calls us to, he will definitely equip us for! We can reach more of the abortion-minded women in our community through the use of ultrasound technology, and we know that is where God wants us to focus! Stay tuned to hear more, or call for more details.

Lots of exciting changes took place in 2017-early 2018. We added several new staff members:

Beth Muir

Client Services Coordinator  

Beth is a recent graduate of Liberty University with a degree in Psychology and minor in Christian Counseling. She interned at YCR while in school and has a huge heart for our clients.

Mandy Phelps

Administrative Assistant

Mandy is married to a great guy-Mark, who loves to cook! They have two incredible grown children, a wonderful daughter-in-law and two grand-children, whom she adores and loves to spend time with. She enjoys reading, swimming, studying the Bible and loving on people. She is thrilled to be working for YCR, because she resonates with the mission.

Claire Simons

Client Services Assistant

Claire recently finished school at East Carolina University in Child and Family Studies. She has a desire and passion to offer holistic care to moms, unborn babies, and their families.

Mary Needham

Operations Manager

In addition to working at Your Choices Randolph, Mary is currently a part-time Youth Pastor at her family church, South Fork Friends in Snow Camp. She has a passion for helping others and working on WORTH and other programs that support our ministry.

As a nonprofit, Your Choices Randolph receives no government funding –  rather it’s supported by caring individuals, local businesses, churches and organizations. You can make a donation by calling our office at 336.629.9988 or by clicking below.


How Can You Pray for Us?

Glad you asked!

• We need more peer counselors to provide appointments to clients who walk in during times we don’t have volunteers scheduled.

• We need women with a heart for youth and who connect well with them to serve as teachers during presentations at Asheboro High School of our WORTH curriculum. This is a daytime commitment for a week per semester.

• More abortion-minded clients. It may sound surprising, but many never walk in our doors, but head straight to the abortion clinic in Greensboro. Pray that they would find us to be a relevant source of information, providing us with the opportunity to change their minds!

Client Story 

Meet Alejandra 

Alejandra came to Your Choices Randolph to discuss and learn more about her options. She had the support of her boyfriend who she anticipated would be part of her future. Abortion minded, she was afraid to tell her parents that she was pregnant due to their past declaration that a pregnancy before marriage would result in her being removed from their home. So she opted to see a judge to receive consent (required by law when under 18). Alejandra was referred to us by the judge to learn more about abortion procedures prior to his consent for the abortion she wanted.

At the center, she shared that she had run into several roadblocks that were delaying her from receiving her intended abortion. She had begun to believe that these were signs from God telling her to carry the baby to term. She even wondered about her own willingness to undergo an abortion at this point in the pregnancy, now that it had progressed to the stage of requiring a surgical abortion. She would feel too guilty, she claimed.

With the help of her peer counselor, she brainstormed ways to share the news with her parents, and even asked the peer counselor to be present when she told her parents she was pregnant. Once her parents had been told and chose to support their daughter emotionally, the peer counselor shared information and resources, including our healthy pregnancy and parenting classes to prepare Alejandra for this big change in her life. She is doing well and is expected to deliver her baby soon. She is grateful for the continued love and support provided by YCR.

According to North Carolina state law (A Woman’s Right to Know Act), women considering abortion must have an informed consent certification signed by a doctor, nurse, or certified ultrasound technician. These women must be given abortion procedure information, the alternatives to abortion in writing, as well as be offered an ultrasound. This means we are more and more critical to the process, even when a woman is intent on having an abortion. And while an abortion clinic may offer the ultrasound, they won’t ask the woman if she wants to view it. Once we have ultrasound capability, we will be perfectly positioned to help these women see truth!


Come see our new space and purchase a Your Choices Tee Shirt. Donors can come by and pick up one for free!


We meet on the 4th Monday of every month for WKXR 94.9 Coffee Break from 8:30-9 with Larry Reid.  We talk about current issues for the center, what services we provide, and how people can get involved.


Your Choices Randolph empowers individuals to make healthy life choices and move toward their fullest potential through relationship, education and collaboration.


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ADDRESS: 110 E. Walker Ave. Asheboro, NC 27203

PHONE: 336.629.9988

WEBSITE: yourchoicesrandolph.org

WORTH WEBSITE: https://yourchoicesrandolph.org/worth/

FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/yourchoicesrandolph1

INSTAGRAM: @yourchoicesrandolph

TWITTER: @yourchoices_rc