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In late 2003, popular country music artist, Kenny Chesney, released a single entitled, “There Goes My Life.” The song captures the story of a young man who finds himself in an unplanned pregnancy. His response to his girlfriend’s pregnancy was a common one. He felt too young and ill-equipped to be a parent, felt his dreams were unreachable, and felt his life was never going to be what he envisioned it to be. His response echoes, “There goes my life…,” implying his life is going down a drain, or as he says, “up in smoke.”

The young man simultaneously grows as the song progresses. One night as the young girl is making her way up the stairs to be tucked in bed, she turns to her daddy. He recognizes that the little baby, who is now a little girl who calls him “daddy,” is his life. This little girl grows up, reaches college age, and he now sees his grown daughter pack up and head to college. As she drives away, he cries as he realizes that his pride and joy, the light of his life, is grown and embarking on her own journey. There goes his life.

Life is full of interruptions, which are those unexpected, out-of-the-blue circumstances that contend with our intentions. Most of the time, the human responses to interruptions are frustration, anger, anxiety, confusion, dissatisfaction, or disappointment.

The nature of unplanned pregnancies is just that…unplanned and unexpected. Individuals in unplanned pregnancies have permission to feel like their lives have come face-to-face with an interruption—to find themselves in places of frustration or anger, anxiety or confusion, dissatisfaction or disappointment. However, unplanned pregnancies are not the end to an individual or couple’s story. Life does not stop, life is not over, and life does not get worse. In fact, a beautiful life is just beginning.

For the young man in the song, the initial, undesired interruption of an unplanned pregnancy would be a life-giving interruption, as it gifted him with his greatest pride and joy.

Your Choices Randolph believes the same revelation is true for all those facing unplanned pregnancies. An unplanned pregnancy may feel like an interruption, but the pregnancy will bear a gift, one of joy, wonder, and life.

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There Goes My Life (YouTube)