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What can YOU do?


Our goal is to transform YOUR CHOICES Randolph into the beautiful and uplifting setting that it has the potential to be. We believe the visual aspect of our center to be an important component for providing a welcoming and peaceful environment to men and women. You can help us by choosing one of our adoption plans that best suits you.

Become an Advocate

We’re looking for talented individuals to speak and fundraise on our behalf. If you enjoy speaking, sharing stories, and rallying individuals and communities behind a cause, please contact us to learn more about how you can advocate for YOUR CHOICES Randolph.

Host a WORTH Experience

Want to help us create a culture of LIFE among the millennial generation in Randolph County and beyond? Then host a WORTH experience. We will educate and empower your youth and young adults to choose a lifestyle of sexual integrity as a key component to a healthy, whole life.

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You have a lot of choices in life, and if you’re considering becoming sexually active or think you might be pregnant, some of your choices may seem confusing. We’re here to help you know everything you think you need to know to make empowered and informed decisions.

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