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Devotion: One Day

John 1:35-42

between 1308 and 1311, tempera on wood

Christ Taking Leave of the Apostles – Duccio di Buoninsegna

Through the reading of God’s word, teaching of His word, and through experience, I believe God is relational. The entirety of scripture reveals God’s relational character and His longing to be in relationship with us.

As I read scripture, I come across passages that serve as great reminders of God’s desire for relationship, and John 1:35-42 is one of those scriptures.

In this passage, John the Baptist was with two of his disciples when they see Jesus passing. John calls out, “Look, the Lamb of God,” and when he does, his two disciples follow Jesus. They say to Jesus, “Rabbi, where are you staying?” Jesus responds, “Come, and you will see.”

So the two disciples went and spent the day with Jesus. After time spent, one of the disciples, Andrew, left to find his brother Simon, and when he finds him, he says to Simon, “We have found the Messiah.”

Simon went with Andrew to see Jesus, and when Jesus looked at Simon, he said, “You will be called Cephas (Peter).

Draw your attention to Andrew and notice his shift in language. When he is with John the Baptist and the other disciple, and they see Jesus, Andrew calls Jesus “Rabbi” Yet, after spending the day with Jesus, after taking time to “come and see,” Andrew finds his brother and tells him he has found the “Messiah.”

Andrew really did come and see. When Jesus told Andrew and the other disciple to come and see, to sit with him awhile, a new eyesight, a new perspective, a new revelation occurred. For Andrew, Jesus was not only Teacher, but also Messiah. It took one day for this transformative shift.

Our perspective and knowing of Jesus, as well as our desire for Jesus, moves monumentally when we “spend the day” with Jesus. Not just a single day, but every day. We discover who He truly is, who we are created to be, and who we desire to be in him.

Jesus desires to spend more than an afternoon or a day with us. If Andrew was transformed in one day with Jesus, how much more could we be transformed if we chose to spend everyday with him. Just imagine all Jesus would teach us and reveal to us. He will give you a new name. Jesus invites us to sit with him. He awaits. Will you join?