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Chances are, you know someone in your life who is pregnant or hoping to become pregnant. Pregnancy can be an amazing and beautiful time, but it can also be a trying time for many women. Are you curious as to how you can be loving and supportive of these women in your life? If so, keep reading.

  1. Text her and tell her you are thinking of her. Ask if there is anything she needs or if she is struggling with any symptoms. Pregnant women (and all women) want to feel loved and supported. Even a short message can bring joy when women are feeling tired and sick from pregnancy symptoms.
  2. If she has morning sickness or nausea, bring her some ginger or peppermint tea or hard candy. Ginger and peppermint do wonders to settle a stomach. Additionally, ginger and peppermint essential oils can be diffused for her to help settle an upset stomach.
  3. Don’t smoke around her, as this could harm her and the baby. If you are her partner or live in her household, quit smoking and drinking in order to encourage her to also stick with a smoke-free and alcohol-free lifestyle. It will be great for your bodies and for the baby!
  4. If you are a partner or family member, help with chores around the house without being asked. Pregnancy takes a toll on women’s energy levels, and she will definitely need assistance washing the dishes, dusting, doing laundry, and with other household tasks.
  5. Learn about pregnancy. Chances are, she has stocked up on books, websites, and videos to learn about pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting. If you want to be supportive, try to educate yourself on some of these things. Check out websites like Mama Natural or TheBump.com for great articles about pregnancy and childbirth. Check out Parenting for great articles about parenting and childcare. You can also just do a google search for any topics that interest you surrounding this, but be careful, because not everything you find on the internet is true or accurate.
  6. Take her out for lunch, coffee, or tea. She needs companionship during this time. Even if you are single or do not have any children, continue to be her friend. She is still the same woman she was before she got pregnant. Now, she has a tiny human inside of her, but that doesn’t change who she is as a person. Chances are, she is having some funky cravings, so check with her and maybe you all can go indulge in something together.

You can’t really go wrong with these tips. However, each pregnancy affects individual women differently, so talk to her. Communicating is the best way to find out what your friend, partner, or family member needs during her pregnancy.

Claire Simons

Client Services Assistant